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Pressure Oven Recipes


Here's a collection of Cooking Dude recipes customized for the famous Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven. Appetizers, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts (including the fantastic Crispy-top Apple Pie). This book also tells you how to cure a minor design defect in the oven.

Mexican Cooking Dude

Mexican Recipes from the Cooking Dude

This is a collection of authentic Mexican recipes, with lots of color photos, many of which are published on my Cooking Dude website - However, this book has some new ones that have not been added to the web site. Some of the recipes have interesting histories, too! 

Ground Beef Cooking Dude

Tasty and economical ground beef recipes from the Cooking Dude

 Here are great ground beef recipes, many of which are taken from my web site Some new ones have been added, but it's worth it to get the book for the meatloaf recipe alone! 

Favorite Cooking Dude Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipe Favorites from the Cooking Dude

 Here are some great chicken recipes! Whether it's southern style, Mexican, French, of Italian you're craving, in this book you will find something new to do with those chicken pieces you have in your freezer! 

Sauce Recipes from the Cooking Dude

Cover for the Cooking Dude Sauce Recipe book

 Learn to transform everyday dishes into a special treat. Whether it is a simple steak, hamburger patty, an egg dish, or veggies, the right sauce will make it better. Lots of photos with the recipes! 

Great Recipes to Pair with Shitty Wine--Wine Paring for Cheap People

Great Recipes to Pair with Shitty Wine -- Wine Pairing for Cheap People

Swirl the glass and examine the color. Check the nose, a slight inhalation that activates the taste buds. Fruit forward? No. Gym sock. Battery acid. Overtones of regret and shame. Now what?

Don’t toss it, make it work for you with “Great Recipes to Pair with Shitty Wine.” Easy, fun and delicious recipes that make wine pairing something we can all experience, no matter how cheap we are. And they also go with beer, should it come to that.


Books for Learning

Backyard Aquaponics


This book is full of ideas, diagrams, and examples of aquaponic systems you can build yourself in your own back yard. Lots of photos show both large and small systems, even including an aquaponic lawn that recycles the irrigation water back through the fish tank!

Grandpa, tell us about Phi, the Golden Number

Front cover of Grandpa tell us about Phi, the Golden Number

 This book excites young people's interest in both nature and math. Written as an adventure rather than a textbook, grandpa and the grand kids discover the mysterious number Phi, and it's sidekick the Fibonacci Series nearly everywhere they look. Many adults are also amazed by these connections.

HGH Gel: The Safe and Practical Somatropin Human Growth Hormone

HGH Gel: The safe and practical somatropin human growth hormone


Can human growth hormone (HGH) really slow down the aging process? According to research over the past few decades, the answer is Yes! In dozens of studies by doctors and scientists all over the world, the use of HGH supplementation to offset your body’s decline in production of the hormone can really restore your body’s more youthful state. 

This book brings you up to date on the results of that research, to help you understand how HGH works. Also covered is where it comes from, how it is used, and what results you might expect.

Grandpa, when do we say Me, Myself, or I?


Actually, this book is for all ages. It is frustrating to hear million-dollar announcers saying "myself" instead of "me" or "I". This book not only makes that rule simple, but gives easy-to-remember guidelines for many other Grammar Demons!

Tabletop Aquaponics

Tabletop Aquaponics for Classrooms, Science Fairs, and Club Projects

 For family room projects, science fairs, club gardens, classrooms, and many other places, you can learn about aquaponics first-hand using inexpensive materials. Learn how the plants nuture the fish, how the fish feed the plants, and how friendly bacteria make it all possible. And it recycles its own water! Go years without changing the fish tank water; just adding more as the plants use it! 

Learn to Cook 101

Learn to Cook 101 - Step by Step Cooking Lessons from the Cooking Dude.

Here are cooking lessons for people of any age, direct from the Cooking Dude! Full of how-to techniques, it teaches cooking methods, not just recipe-following. This book is great for kids, or for new graduates renting their first apartment. Go from learning to boil water to fixing a Thanksgiving dinner in 20 lessons!

Other Books

How to Build a Hanging Garden


Even if you only have a small patio or balcony, you can have a garden. This DIY book shows you how to get simple materials at your home improvement store and put them together to  make your own herb garden!

Age at Home


 This book was co-authored by Coleen Choisser, an interior designer with experience in making a home suitable and safe for aging seniors. Many of the modifications are simple enough for you to do yourself, while others, such as ramp construction, might be best contracted to others. 

Losing Butch

Losing Butch, a Novelette Based on a Real Life

 A Novelette based on a real life. Aside from the story, which is at various times funny and tragic, the book points out the dangers of anti-depressant medications. I promised his mother I would write the story after everyone was gone, and here it is. 

Color in your Home

Color in your Home gives the reader tips on the use of paint and fabrics to enhance the home.

 This book, written by Coleen Choisser, educates you about the psychology of color, the effects of various forms of lighting, and is illustrated by many photos of her projects. Her work has also been published in "1001 Ideas for Color and Paint", distributed world-wide in home improvement stores, book stores, and libraries. 

MH 370; Lost in the Dark

MH 370 provides an analysis of what could and couldn't happen to the missing airliner.

 When Malaysia Airlines flight 370 vanished, the press went nuts with all kinds of theories, many of which ignored the technology in the airplane, and how the Boeing 777 works. This book, now in its fourth edition, examines two possibilities; in one case a cockpit fire, and in the other, mass murder and suicide. 


 Mr. Choisser received his degree in electrical engineering at the University of Arizona, and took graduate courses in mathematics at Syracuse University. He is an Air Force veteran, having been an officer in the Data Processing Branch of the Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Directorate of Rome Air Development Center, Griffiss AFB, New York. Upon leaving the service, he was awarded the Air Force Systems Command Award for Scientific Achievement. 

In his business career, his work involved the development of low-light-level sensors for military and scientific uses. He is one of the co-inventors and developer of the Digicon, the multi-channel photon counting image tubes used in both of the original Hubble Space Telescope spectrographs. He was awarded special recognition for this work by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

His longest career was designing and building industrial versions of the IBM PC. An early project was with Teledyne Ryan, helping with the design of the cockpit data recorder for the Boeing 747. His subsequent work with industry and the military resulted in the use of Microsoft DOS and Windows in a wide variety of non-desktop applications. He was editor-in-chief of the Windows CE Tech Journal, a Miller-Freeman publication.

His hobbies have always been airplanes, gardening, cooking, and golf. Writing has been a life-long pursuit, now more for pleasure than for business. Today his books involve cooking, aquaponics, and books intended to induce curiosity and wonder in young people about math, science, and engineering. 

He is also the founder of Readerplace Books, LLC. The mission of Readerplace is to provide authors an affordable alternative to the conventional publishing industry for their EBooks and print books.

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